The Paolo Luissi Workout

Here at Body Arts USA we challenge your body in a way it's not used to by switching up the workouts every week. We offer one on one attention to ensure proper mechanics and posture to prevent any injuries and help you achieve maximum results! We also offer the most affordable classes in town! 

PILATES REFORMER                                                                                                     BARRE PILATES

Pilates Reformer offers muscular and core strength,                                  Barre is the first routine ever of its kind. A high  
flexibility, coordination, balance, better posture and                                  energy/ low impact class that combines barre work, 
relief from pain associated with physical imbalances                                  reformer and light weights with continuous fat burning
such as back pain. Helps with core strength, flat abs,                                  motions.   
strong back, toned glutes and thighs.                                                                                                                                                      
Xtreme is a high energy class that combines
barre work, incline/decline reformer, weights, bands,
stability ball, trampolines for a complete cardio and
muscle sculpting workout.